The pedagogy of Pearl School is such that the education offered will be beyond just classroom studies:

• We ensure that the child does not get the information that he needs but rather to be shown where to find it.
• Exploring the world around himself or herself rather than to be told what others have discovered.
• To use technology responsibly so as to add value to learning rather than to use for the sake of using it.
• To reduce the learning time and to spend the saved time in discovering and uncovering the treasures of the open world
• To pack the time in the school to include not only study time but also play time.

We hence believe that education can be offered using our 3Cs approach:

• Creative Thinking
• Critical Reasoning
• Charismatic Personality

Children at Pearl will be given a daily task that will help them discover the world around them that perhaps the classroom will not easily reveal to them. Self and Group Study panels will be practiced right from the young ages to ensure that children are not recognized just for their own effort but rather how they would perform in a group which is what is changing the world order now.

It will be a continuous effort at Pearl to work with parents, teachers and the children to discover new ways of learning and to keep improving the teaching delivery methods. Teachers will be selected and trained based on their group skills and what they have demonstrated as a group.