Build an institution that inspires students to pursue education beyond excellence with leadership qualities

Create an academic and intellectual eco system that enables student’s holistic development and prepare them to face challenges in real world with confidence and competence. Foster a community of progressive lifelong learners, motivate to excel in talent and skills and imbibe in them the elements of creative thinking and critical reasoning.

School’s strategy is to maintain high standards in teaching, coaching the students to be competent and building capabilities in them. School will engage in developing their subject knowledge so as to maintain high academic standards. We are committed to their overall development and maintaining good discipline, encourage them to display good behavior and respect for others. We will strive to bring the best out of each student and groom their potential in the areas of their interest. School will strictly follow and comply with the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education in Qatar as well as the CBSE authorities in India. School will enable students to be socially conscious and being environment friendly.


  • Academic Success:To train students to apply knowledge to real – life situations.

    To have provision of qualified and talented staff to ensure quality education.

    To create a foundation for further learning & development to excel in their chosen fields.


  • Personal Success:To instill being a lifelong learner equipped with a keen spirit of quest.

    To enable character building, creativity and self confidence.

    To imbibe value based emotional, interpersonal and behavioral skills.


  • Social Success:To develop a sense of sharing, caring and cultural sensitivity.

    To create service – oriented and Eco-friendly environment.

    To have a respectable decorum amongst all.


  • Community Life:To care for individual needs even as we live in community.

    To appreciate and accept individuality and diversity.
    To inspire community and parents involvement with the institution.