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Manjari Recriwal

Dear Parents

Greetings !

As we begin the new academic session 2021-2022 with optimism and hope, I express my gratitude to the entire school fraternity for their immense cooperation and support the past year, wherein each one of us emerged victorious. Indeed we all helped to make our Pearls feel positive, productive and safe in school

We at Pearl School believe that while exercising prudent precautions, it is important for our students to get back to as normal an in-person school experience as possible. Any kind of learning is an inevitable consequence of our environment. We’ll continue to focus on enhancing and strengthening meaningful learning activities for the students inspite of all challenges during these unprecedented and very unpredictable times. Pearl School hopes to continue building the spirit of resilience in our young Pearls. We consider each challenge an opportunity and the school management persevered in their goal to provide our students with state of the art infrastructure.

I congratulate the management, faculty, administrative and support staff for this milestone achieved and express our sincere gratitude to all the parents who have been besides us in this incredible journey!

Wishing you all safe times ahead!!


Warm Regards

Manjari Recriwal