Manjari Recriwal

Pearl School welcomes all to yet another exciting and enriching new academic session, wherein we renew our commitment to our students who represent our hopes and dreams.

Dear Parents, as you want the best for your child, we are proud to be collaborating with you to ensure that they are imparted the relevant knowledge and skills to be the agent of change in this ever changing society. A rich academic program challenges every student to set and reach ambitious, intellectual, personal and social goals, Co-curricular activities provide creative and social avenues to match a wide range of student interests.

Dear students, your thoughts and actions should be in harmony. The twin values of discipline and personal integrity must be activated if you aim to be truly global citizens.
The School Diary is an effective guide and source of information about policies and academic schedule and also serves as a daily record for you.

Be proud of your school and always strive to work for its glory!