Manjari Recriwal

Dear Students Staff and Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic session ! As you are already informed, this will be a milestone year when the school will have its own state of the art infrastructure in its new campus.

There are a few convictions that I have always carried with me as an educationist which I share with you as we begin the new term. It is a fresh new page and we can choose what to write on it.

Firstly there is no substitute for time-tested values of honesty, integrity and accountability. Secondly life will be a roller coaster ride. You can be at the top one day and nothing the next. Finally ultimate success is an illusion but contentment and honesty of intention are real.

We are aware that today’s generation is techno-savvy which requires a very dynamic approach for being taught. Hence education has to be such which caters to this multi-faceted generation with diverse needs. In the world where knowledge is freely available and information is just a click away, The 21st century learner can quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge, by technology and this has been proved by the virtual classes being conducted presently.

Along with knowledge, we try to engrain in our Pearls the wisdom to distinguish the right from wrong and the ability to judge, so that they are equipped to make the apt choices in the future.

I see immense potential in our faculty and students that makes me feel that the best years of Pearl School are still lying ahead. There is no room for complacency. There are more dreams to dream, more heights to scale, more bars to be raised !
The past few years have made us realise that the synergy created by working as a united team can help to meet new opportunities that lie ahead. I seek your cooperation to work as a team to ensure that the quest for excellence at Pearl School should become a collective passion and collaborative venture.